Mission Statement

Angler’s Unlimited was founded in 2006 to help anglers, to improve our education and understanding of freshwater fish, to improve fish habitat and to help maintain fish populations in freshwater lakes, rivers & streams in Alabama.

Who is Anglers Unlimited?

  • We are anglers, sportsmen, and citizens of all ages that love the great outdoors.
  • We have interest and concerns about protecting and enhancing aquatic habitat for all freshwater species of fish and wildlife.
  • We are a member based organization that has been granted IRS non-profit 501-c-3 status.
  • We are members and volunteers working together for the benefit of our freshwater rivers, lakes, and streams; and the fish and wildlife that depend on natural and man-made habitat for their survival. 
  • We represent all freshwater anglers and their preferred sport-fish. All freshwater fish need habitat, food, and good water quality for reproduction and survival. 
  • We help by sharing education on the importance of fish and wildlife habitat and we build homes for fish.
  • We support the “National Fish Habitat Initiative“; which is promoted by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Agency and many other public, business, and educational organizations.

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